About Dr Leona Yip

Dr Leona Yip is a Melbourne-trained dermatologist currently in private practice in Brisbane after relocating here in mid-2019. Dr Yip is a Fellow of The Australasian College of Dermatologists (FACD), a qualification obtained after four years of intensive dermatology specialty training that concludes with fellowship examinations to ensure the highest competence in the recognition and management of all aspects of disorders of the skin, hair and nails.

Dr Yip has previously worked in private and public practice in both Melbourne and Canberra, and is experienced in all aspects of general, surgical and laser dermatology for children and adults.  She is also an experienced provider of diplomatic specialist care and consulted privately for multiple embassies and diplomatic missions during her time in Canberra.

Dr Yip is one of the very few dermatologists in Australia who is an alopecia subspecialty expert. She is an international member of the British Hair and Nail Society under the auspices of the British Association of Dermatologists.

After obtaining her FACD, Dr Yip completed subspecialty training in the management of hair and scalp disorders (alopecias) in England with various experts, and in Melbourne with Professor Rod Sinclair as her mentor. This subspecialty interest complements her PhD work on the genetics of female pattern hair loss, which has received national and international recognition, and her PhD thesis was nominated for the Chancellor's Prize for "Excellence in PhD thesis". Dr Yip's work has been presented in national and international meetings, and has won numerous research grants and three awards in recognition for her contribution to dermatology research.

Dr Yip remains committed to dermatology research and academia alongside her busy private practice. Dr Yip has published numerous publications and commissioned articles either as first or senior author in peer-reviewed medical journals and medical websites. She is an Editorial Consultant for The British Journal of Dermatology, and is a Reviewer for multiple international medical journals. She enjoys mentoring and teaching dermatology registrars as well as general practitioners through clinical attachments and invited lectures.

Peer recognition of her expertise and portfolio has offered Dr Yip opportunities to be part of various international and Australian advisory committees. She was a member of the Dermatology Expert Group involved with the formulation of the Dermatology Therapeutic Guidelines version 4 published in 2015 in Australia. Dr Yip will continue to serve in this expert group for the upcoming version 5 (2022) of the Guidelines. 


The experience that she has also gained through extended invitations to chair and speak at various international and Australian meetings have shaped her to be a seasoned presenter. 

Dr Yip is passionate about skin health advocacy especially in her role as Advocate for The Australasian College of Dermatologists where she regularly interacts with stakeholders including patient support groups, skin health organisations and various media outlets to improve skin health literacy. Through this role and independently as a skin and hair expert, Dr Yip has featured in numerous media interviews on television, radio, and in printed and online media.

Dr Yip offers bespoke corporate consulting services, and is currently/has served as Medical Consultant and Key Opinion Leader for various leading pharmaceutical and consumer skincare companies. She is also a medical expert for TMLEP providing independent medico-legal opinions and healthcare analytics.

For more information about Dr Yip's academic and work portfolio, please visit her LinkedIn Profile here.

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